COVID-19: What We Are Doing

In order to meet our commitment to patient safety, we have changed our booking procedures to include pre-screening questions. We are asking patients to help us maintain a healthy and safe environment in our clinic by answering pre-screening questions truthfully and follow new procedures in the clinic where required. Clinic staff will collect screening information at time of booking and again in person at time of appointment. The screening questions will apply to those that accompany patients, parents, caregivers, etc.  We also have increased our cleaning schedule for our washroom and using only Health Canada approved disinfectant on all our treatment areas.

Appointment Day

We ask that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible.  We are implementing a 2-person maximum in the waiting room.  This includes at the reception desk and waiting room chairs.  If possible, bring only yourself to your appointment. The clinic chairs are set up for social distancing measures.  If you see 2 people in our waiting area, we ask you wait in the foyer and enter the clinic when 1 customer exits.  We recommend you bring a mask to the clinic.  If you do not have your own, we will have one for you.  

Upon entering the clinic, hand sanitizer will be present at the front desk. We ask that you sanitize your hands prior to entry and mask must be worn properly. Once sanitized,  you will be directed by our staff or clinician to your appointment room. 


The safety of you, your family members and our staff is our number one priority. Our booking procedures are modified to maintain physical distancing requirements that take priority over occupancy limits. Members of the public must adhere to the two metre distance rule, we have ensured this in our facility.

We have also acquired all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) essential in protecting and preventing the spread of COVID19. All sanitization products follow the Health Canada guidelines from hand sanitizers, hand wipes, and disinfecting products. Hand sanitizers all contain 60-80 percent ethanol or 60-70 percent isopropanol mixtures and appropriate DIN numbers. Environment cleaning and disinfection is essential to avoid the possible spread of COVID19. 

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection is dependent on the nature of use/contact of the surface/item in question. Our clinic disinfects all patient contact items between each patient use. Examples are but not limited to treatment tables, massage tables, headrests, arm rests, all equipment, contact surfaces, exercise equipment, therapeutic tools, devices, diagnostic tools, procedural work surfaces, commonly touched areas, light switches, door handles, taps, toilets, handrails, counter tops, touch screens/mobile devices, keyboards, payment machine, clipboards, pens, towels, etc. We have eliminated all books, magazines, toys, remote controls, literature, and brochures. 

We will still have our 24 hour cancellation policy in place with leniency toward illness related circumstances. We will not charge anyone for a missed appointment who suddenly comes down with symptoms of an illness or a member of the family that requires immediate attention.

One day life will return to normal, for now we must follow these procedures to our best capabilities. The staff at South Sherbrook Therapy appreciates all of our clients and thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support.