Patient Testimonials

  • Lester is an awesome trainer and he genuinely cares about those he instructs! I definitely recommend trying out his TRX and Kettlebell classes!


  • Great gym! Has lots of space for anything! You can even flip and smash a tire inside the gym.


  • I would recommend South Sherbrook Fitness anyone! Such a welcoming and motivating facility!


  • Athletic therapist. Very helpful

    David C.

  • Very professional and thorough

    Riley G.

  • Great athletic therapist

    Kate R.

  • Very friendly and helpful staff. I had issues with my shoulder that I’ve been dealing with for over a month and a half. With Mark’s help I was able to gain full strength and mobility back. He gave me tips on how to avoid future shoulder injuries and was super knowledgable whenever I had any questions. Highly recommended. 😄👍


  • therapeutic exercise Winnipeg

    South Sherbrook is great, great location and wonderful staff. We see Mark and he’s been able to help us, 100%. Very personable and well educated with what he does. I would definitely recommend and see him again!

    Audrey P.

  • I’ve been going to see Jay at South Sherbrook Therapy for all my injuries. He works with pro athletes, so I like that I get the same kind of treatment. I’m just coming off an ACL reconstruction. What I love is they have a gym facility also. So my therapist takes me their gym for some sessions. He has me doing unique exercises in the gym focusing not only on strengthening my knee for day to day activities, but also getting it ready to help get me back on the ice for hockey and the unique movements I need for that. That extra attention to detail is what I feel is improving my knee faster than I expected.

    Oliver F.

  • I highly recommend South Sherbrook to anyone. The staff is great and friendly and Mark who I go see has been able to help me with all of my injuries. He is very knowledgeable and pays attention to every detail. One of the best hands down.

    Maria A.

  • I came to South Sherbrook Therapy for help dealing with lower back pain and the whole experience has been as perfect as you could hope for. The staff are friendly, organized and know what they are doing. Mark has always shown genuine care about my treatment plan and has a great balance of professionalism and interpersonal skills. I would recommend this office with absolutely no hesitation.

    Robbie B.

  • athletic therapy Winnipeg

    Excellent experience at South Sherbrook. Mark was thorough and knowledgeable in diagnosing issues with my back. I’m feeling better every day and have the stretches and exercises to keep feeling healthy. I’ll be recommending to friends and family.

    Conor S.

  • I Always receive top notch treatment from Jason. Very knowledgeable and has lots of experience with all different types of injuries. Would highly recommend South Sherbrook Therapy.

    Dallas Z.

  • Ok, so this place is absolutely top-notch. Jason and his staff were amazing in their care and knowledge to address my injury. I tore my adductor magnus in my groin (which is essentially like an Achilles tear or bicep tendon tear but in your groin) and was told by doctors it would be at least 3 months to just to get walking again normally…. Jason had me back to full capacity and training in 3 months not just walking. This team was critical in the success of passing my special forces experience and preparing for one of the most extreme training exercises I have ever been through. Without them I would not have been able to try out let alone graduate my class. To Jason and his team you are amazing! I will recommend all to go and see them.

    Travis E.

  • ultrasound Winnipeg

    Highly recommend South Sherbrook. I have seen Mark a number of times for multiple injuries. Each time he was able to help relieve any pain and correct any type of injury. His knowledge and skills show with his ability to help you as a patient to quickly get back to 100%.

    Ernel F.

  • Leaving my first appointment was like entering the stage of a musical. I was leaping and jumping with my new lighter, limber body.

    A bad neck, shoulder, and hip had been my everyday for six years. I went in for a rolled ankle but Marc assessed that this was not the issue. The discomfort I was experiencing had been assessed by doctors and other physiotherapists and was not discovered or cured. I have a better knowledge of my body, how to care for it, and I could not be more pleased with South Sherbrook Therapy.

    Vanessa W.

  • I strained muscles in my back at work and was recommended by my mother, as she had really appreciated the work they had done for her knee. The facility, therapists and overall service provided for me was nothing but great. Very informative and polite! This is the place I am going to come back to in the future.

    Evan G.

  • Very helpful.

    Sara M.

  • physiotherapy Winnipeg

    Went to Jason before and after my labral tear surgery, he was awesome to deal with and made my physio flexible as I’m not from the city. Totally recommend them to everyone!

    Emerson T.