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When an injury is sustained, proper and immediate care, followed by early and intensive therapeutic conditioning is key to successful patient care.

South Sherbrook Therapy is a multidisciplinary clinic located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our team of reputable therapists provide a variety of services including Athletic, Massage, and Physiotherapy as well as Dietitian services.

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Our Treatment Services

Depending on your injury and lifestyle, you may benefit from one or more of the following services from one of our physiotherapists at our sports injury clinic in Winnipeg.

  • Physiotherapy

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    Depending on your injury and lifestyle, our Athletic and Physiotherapists will utilize a combination of treatment services to promote an environment conducive to optimal healing to prepare you for safe reintegration into an active lifestyle.

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  • Massage Therapy

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    Relax, recover and rejuvenate your body with massage therapy in Winnipeg from South Sherbrook Therapy. This form of therapy can help treat a wide variety of conditions for people of all ages.

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  • Athletic Therapy

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    Athletic therapy focuses on bone, muscle, and joint injuries, orthopedic assessment, sports injuries and sport-specific rehabilitation techniques.

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  • Fitness Centre

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    Our gym facility called South Sherbrook Fitness centre in Winnipeg features the latest cardio and conditioning equipmentto help you take total control of your health and fitness.

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  • Nutrition Counseling

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    Our nutritional Counseling can help you perform better with sports nutrition, weight-management and chronic disease management.

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Athletic therapist. Very helpful

- David C.

Very professional and thorough

- Riley G.

Great athletic therapist

- Kate R.

The staff is great and friendly and Mark who I go see has been able to help me with all of my injuries. He is very knowledgeable and pays attention to every detail. One of the best hands down.

- Maria A.

I Always receive top notch treatment from Jason. Very knowledgeable and has lots of experience with all different types of injuries.

- Dallas Z.

I've been going to see Jay at South Sherbrook Therapy for all my injuries. He works with pro athletes, so I like that I get the same kind of treatment. I'm just coming off an ACL reconstruction. The extra attention to detail is what I feel is improving my knee faster than I expected.

- Oliver F.

I tore my adductor magnus in my groin (which is essentially like an Achilles tear or bicep tendon tear but in your groin) and was told by doctors it would be at least 3 months to just to get walking again normally…. Jason had me back to full capacity and training in 3 months not just walking.

- Travis E.

Lester is an awesome trainer and he genuinely cares about those he instructs! I definitely recommend trying out his TRX and Kettlebell classes!

- D.J.

Great gym! Has lots of space for anything! You can even flip and smash a tire inside the gym.

- J.P.

I would recommend South Sherbrook Fitness anyone! Such a welcoming and motivating facility!

- J.B.


South Sherbrook is great, great location and wonderful staff. We see Mark and he’s been able to help us, 100%. Very personable and well educated with what he does.

- Audrey P. Via Google Reviews

therapeutic exercise Winnipeg


Excellent experience at South Sherbrook. Mark was thorough and knowledgeable in diagnosing issues with my back. I’m feeling better every day and have the stretches and exercises to keep feeling healthy.

- Conor S.

athletic therapy Winnipeg


I Always receive top notch treatment from Jason. Very knowledgeable and has lots of experience with all different types of injuries.

- Dallas Z.


Went to Jason before and after my labral tear surgery, he was awesome to deal with and made my physio flexible as I’m not from the city. Totally recommend them to everyone!

- Emerson T.

physiotherapy Winnipeg


I have seen Mark a number of times for multiple injuries. Each time he was able to help relieve any pain and correct any type of injury.

- Ernel F.

ultrasound Winnipeg

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