The Right Footwear for Your Foot Type

May 20th, 2019

Spring is here and everyone is taking advantage of the beautiful weather by running more outside. Proper footwear selection is beneficial to help decrease the risk of injury or chronic pain. Everyone’s feet are made differently and our running mechanics are as well. There are 3 general foot types and there is the right type of shoe for each. Over-pronators (flat feet or fallen arches) would benefit from a motion-control shoe. These are made of a stiffer material, so it helps correct normal heel-to-toe mechanics, as well as help, maintain the dome shape of the arch. Supinators (high arches) would benefit from a cushioned/neutral shoe. This type of shoe focuses on cushioning and doesn’t have the same stiff material, therefore it is lighter. Normal pronators (medium arches) would want to look for a stability shoe. This shoe mildly helps correct foot mechanics, but has half the stiffness; arch support only on the medial aspect of the shoe. The proper shoe could save you a lot of grief as you try to keep active this spring and summer. Contact South Sherbrook Therapy today to learn more.

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